Something New! Chocolate Sculpted Wedding Cakes

The popular designs in wedding cakes have been rolled fondant and buttercream,however the latest twist on this traditional dessert is handmade chocolate! The creators of this innovation is Choccywoccydoodah Chocolatiers,based in London and Brighton UK they breath new life into old traditions.

The Boss Choccywoccydoodah  Christine Taylor says;

“I employ genius square pegs who have struggled to find their place until they arrived at me pegboard. We train everyone in house, from our chocolatiers to our customer service team. Nothing happens overnight. It’s 3 years training to work with chocolate and a dedicated effort to train people to work front of house.”

“We are all known as Doodahs. Then the rest of the world are either wannabe Doodahs or Dontdahs. There’s 50 Doodahs currently. We’ve created our own world and we like it here very much!”

When creating a chocolate masterpiece on average how much time does it take?

“Impossible to say. Could be 20 hours or 20 days. Ultimately, from training it takes years!”


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