A Honeymoon Adventure…….El Caminito del Rey.Spain

Active couples are always searching for a honeymoon or travel getaway that has beauty , excitement and memorable scenery.In the south of Spain lies a beautiful area right on the ocean in Andulucia which includes Marbella, Malaga and El Churro. The are resorts as well and B&b’s to make travel comfortable and there are plenty of activities here to get the adrenaline pumping.

One of the most exciting and breathtaking places to experience on the journey is El Caminito Del Rey!


World Class Weddings 1208_El-Caminito-de-Rey_Ardales-Alora-y-Antequera_ArtzPhoto_201601151-150x150 A Honeymoon Adventure.......El Caminito del Rey.Spain World Class Weddings 1198_El-Caminito-de-Rey_Ardales-Alora-y-Antequera_ArtzPhoto_201601151-150x150 A Honeymoon Adventure.......El Caminito del Rey.Spain World Class Weddings 1271_El-Caminito-de-Rey_Ardales-Alora-y-Antequera_ArtzPhoto_201601151-150x150 A Honeymoon Adventure.......El Caminito del Rey.Spain World Class Weddings 1306_El-Caminito-de-Rey_Ardales-Alora-y-Antequera_ArtzPhoto_201601151-150x150 A Honeymoon Adventure.......El Caminito del Rey.Spain World Class Weddings 1062_El-Caminito-de-Rey_Ardales-Alora-y-Antequera_ArtzPhoto_201601151-150x150 A Honeymoon Adventure.......El Caminito del Rey.Spain



Famous  to rock climbers around the world,the King’s little pathway,named for King Alfonso the third was opened in 1921 and was a service route with perilous catwalks for the hydro-electric plant through the other side.


The limestone cliffs are tucked into a corner of Adulucia near the tiny village of El Churro.

Hundreds of feet straight below lies the rushing river gorge Guadulahorce which attract daredevils and mountain climbers alike.These catwalks remained in disrepair for many years and caused numerous accidents resulting in its closure.

Recently however, the government and local tourist board pumped over three million Euro into its repair as a tourist attraction. All new catwalks were installed as well as glass panels and hand rails and even a cable to clip a harness on.

The Caminito itself has two sections outlining the Gaitanejo falls and river gorge and is lined with fragrant orange trees. With all the new safety measures in place  El Caminito has drawn adventurers from all over the globe to experience its breathtaking beauty.

To get to el Caminito you can rent a car and drive about an hour from Malaga to El Churro or take the train that runs once a day. This once life threatening beauty  is now a thriving tourist attraction and if it’s not on your place to visit,it should be!

Visit www.caminitodelrey.info/es

Photography courtesy Arturo Macias, Artzphoto.es

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